Example Web Presentation

Web lecture example

Viewers can pause, replay, step slide-by-slide, or jump to a specific slide. The video and audio always stay synchronized with the slides.

Presentation Recording,
Archiving and

CARMA is a recording, distribution and archiving service available to the U-M community that captures presentations and makes them available on the web.

CARMA's staff bring recording equipment to your venue, anywhere on campus. We capture audio and video of the presenters and images of the visual aids. We then convert the recordings to streaming format. We load them onto our servers and provide a URL for you to post on your web site.

CARMA does all this for a reasonable, one-time fee.

Request CARMA's services for your department or unit

Special feature:

The Homer A. Neal Symposium

Three Decades of Leadership in Academia and Scientific Research
Presented by the Physics Department in honor of Dr. Neal